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How to Clean and Avoid Camera Lens Fungus

The best way to extend the life of the lens and get high-quality images is to prevent its contamination. Any cleaning even the most delicate somehow gradually «takes» the thinnest lens anti-reflective coating on the glass and leaves micro-scratches. If you care of protective UV filters and lens hood, it is possible to minimize the lens contamination and the need to clean them. But sooner or later, even under the most cautious handling, you will have to clean the camera lens.

So, for high-quality cleaning you’ll need:

  • Patience and understanding that the lens cannot be cleaned with improvised means, only do it with special items such as brushes for removing dust, lenspens, microfiber napkins or special paper towels for lens cleaning, special cleaning solution;
  • Clan working place, preferably in a clean room with no dust.
  • Remember that improper storage or a long stay in a tropical climate can be a reason of mold and fungus.

Humid Conditions

Humid conditions and temperature extremes causing condensation create ideal conditions for fungus. Appearing on the surface of the glass, it will not only affect the quality of the image (for example, the photographs have strange blackout) but also can damage the anti-reflective lens coating. However, you can prevent your camera from fungus by following our advice.

How to Protect Your Camera

Silica gel will help to protect your camera from fungus. The most important feature is its ability to absorb large amounts of moisture. Silica gel is non-disposable: most of its varieties recovers its properties if it is dried in the oven at the temperature up to 140 ° C.

Lens Reviving

If you have allowed the fungus to appear, you will have to give the lens the «first aid» and try to remove the fungus. To clean the affected fungus places you can use 70-percent isopropyl alcohol and special wipes to clean the lenses. Before cleaning, dismantle the lens and hold it under ultraviolet light to kill the fungus. Then you can proceed to the immediate cleaning. Do it very carefully not to damage or scratch the lens. By the way, the fungus leaves spores and a bad handling may trigger its reappearance or occurring on the other lens.

Fungus Removing: What You Shouldn’t Do

In any case do not try to clean the lenses with solvent, gasoline, and acetone: they can not only damage the lens barrel but also spoil the anti-reflection coating. If the fungal infection has occurred just inside the lens, it is better to consult a specialist. Cleaning

inner lenses on your own initiative is not recommended

Camera and Lens Storage

Remember that the equipment for photography requires special storage conditions. It should be stored indoors with a normal humidity level at room temperature.

Do not forget your camera and lenses in the open sun or near heating devices and central heating. Do not place the photo equipment close to the impact of electromagnetic radiation such as microwave ovens, current transformers, and generators.

It should not be stored digital in the car for a long time, and even more do not leave it in the car trunk.

Never forget the camera in front of the windscreen. In case of sudden changes in temperature, condensation may appear inside the camera that can cause fungus.

Try to keep all photo equipment in covers in order to avoid dust and mechanical damage. If you have to store the photo equipment in harsh conditions with high humidity with a lot of dust from pets, consider buying a special storage cabinet for equipment. Fortunately modern industry offers plenty of solutions to satisfy any photographer.

And most importantly pay attention to the tools of your creativity, and they will give you great pictures and vivid impressions.

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