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A Guide to Digital Cameras

Cameras have been known for a long time. The first shot was on a special plate. To get a good picture with this «gadget», photographers needed half an hour. Over time,  cameras were modified. More recently film cameras have been popular. And now, the progress have come to shoot in a digital format.

Undoubtedly, nowadays it’s difficult to surprise with cameras because even mobile phones are equipped with them. But despite this, you can get truly high-quality images only with the camera. Let’s look at some types of the cameras more closer.


Standard Compact

These cameras operate on the principle of «Point and Shoot». You should only select a view and press a button. The camera will do it automatically all the required settings including a flash if it is necessary. These cameras are very easy to use with a minimum of setup. However, you can choose some shooting options, for example, to switch between modes (landscape, portrait, macro, and so on). You can also manually adjust ISO, white balance, and enable or disable the built-in flash.

Standard compact cameras allow you to take high-quality images only when there is sufficient light. The optics in such cameras is inexpensive and a zoom lens is 4-10x.

Pros: Cheap, light, ideal for personal use.

Cons: Limited exposure options, poor image quality, no interchangeable lenses.


Adventure Cameras

When you want to capture the best adventures in wild, watery places, you won’t dispense with an adventure camera. It is a kind of standard compact cameras. But it is usually waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. Some of the adventure cameras are even freeze proof. So you can shoot under various weather conditions. You should know that manual exposure options and a zoom in these cameras are limited. You can select shooting modes, set a self-timer.

Pros: Tough frame is great for extreme weather conditions.

Cons: Zoom and exposure options are limited, a small sensor, no interchangeable lenses.


Compact (Mirrorless) System Cameras

Compact (Mirrorless) System Cameras are known as “hybrid cameras”. Such cameras offer a lot of creative control, high image quality, a contrast detect method of focusing and interchangeable lenses. The cameras shoot better in low light due to the contrast AF system. Most of the compact system cameras have viewfinders, some have an LCD screen. As for sensors, they range all the way up to full-frame (35mm). Another advantage of compact system cameras is their price. Such cameras are a bit more expensive than compact cameras but cheaper than SLRs. As the hybrid camera is close to the SLR in many ways, thanks to its elegance, it can be very useful in travel and long trips.

Pros: High image quality, lightweight.

Cons: Price.

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